Apollon Parga Travel is a general tourism agency that specializes in incoming tourism services. We represent the area of Parga and Sivota.
We are ready to offer to you a wide variety of tourism services in very competitive prices.
Handling Services
Charter Flights
Apartments and Studios Cooperation Contracts and Reservations (after request, allotment and/or guarantee contract)
Hotel Cooperation Contracts and Reservations (after request, allotment and/or guarantee contract)
Arrangement of Alternative Activities (Riding, Diving, Water Sports, Hiking, e.t.c.)
Excursion Programs (Cruises – Tours)
Car & Motorbike Rental (in cooperation with rental company)
Foreign Exchange Services

We are working diligently with our partners and we guarantee optimum services for your clients. We are always next to the customer in order to provide information and assistance about whatever he needs during his/her stay, visit, or holiday. Each request received is treated with the outmost of our attention and allows us to suggest the most suited choice for your requirements.
Our postgraduate studies (Msc in Project Management and MSc in Services Management) as well as the experience we gathered working for multinational companies are important assets to build up a customer-oriented approach and optimize customer satisfaction.
We are ready to offer all types of accommodation, from well-organized traditional family studios to luxury hotels and villas that cover all budgets and tastes.
Parga as my birthplace, in combination with the occupation of my family since 1980, in the field of tourism through apartments-studios and hotels, allow us to offer you the best quality at best prices.
The natural beauty of the region which has Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine and mild temperature, as well as the gastronomy combined with a high level of services that we can provide, guarantee the maximum of customer satisfaction.

We are ready to serve your clients.

We remain at your disposal,
Apollon Parga Travel
Bar - Cafe
Gift Shops
Travel Club
...and enjoy the benefits!
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